RV Roof Maintenance

Most conventional RV’s are equipped with rubber roofs. The rubber material is Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM). It is specifically designed for roofing. EPDM rubber roofing membrane has a life expectancy of 20+ years. It typically has a 10 to 12 year guarantee, depending upon the brand.

EPDM manufacturers advise that rubber roof membranes do not require the use of any protective roof treatment or roof protection product. Recommended maintenance is periodic cleaning of the roof.

Over time, an EPDM roof will become chalky. This is a normal part of the roof’s aging process.

EPDM manufacturers report that even after after 10 years, only 10 percent of the material is lost due to chalking.

Regular cleaning will reduce chalk buildup. The correct cleaning product is important for an EPDM rubber roof. Cleaners or conditioners containing petroleum solvents, harsh abrasives or citric based cleaners should not be used. Using such solvents can cause irreparable damage and will likely void the roof’s warranty. Each EPDM manufacturer recommends using their own brand of cleaner, but all approve the use of mild laundry detergent.

While EPDM rubber roofing does not need to be protected from ultra violet rays (UV ) and ozone, the manufacturers do approve 303 Aerospace Protectant as a safe way to resist staining and make future cleaning easier.

While cleaning the roof, inspect all roof seams, vents, vent covers, air conditioner cover and the TV/satellite antenna, etc., to make sure the caulking seal is in good condition.

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