RV Stabilizing Jacks

Commonly referred to as leveling jacks, these mechanisms are operated manually, electrically or via hydraulics. They extend from the bottom of the coach to level it while in a parked position. The vehicle must be level to ensure proper operation of component parts and ease of use. Misuse of levelers can result in an abnormal twisting of the frame and cage.

The use of the electronic stabilizing system to support an RV for any reason other than which it is intended is prohibited. The stabilizing system is designed to be a stabilizing system only. It should not be used to provide service(changing tires, servicing the stabilizing system) under the coach.

  • The coach should be parked on solid, level ground
  • All jack landing locations should be clear of debris, obstructions as well as free of depressions
  • When parking the coach on soft surfaces, utilize load distribution pads under each jack
  • Stay clear of coach while operating the system. Keep all body parts clear of fluid leaks. Leaks in the system may be under high pressure and cause serious skin penetrating injuries.

The coach should never be completely lifted off of the ground. Lifting the wheels off the ground will create an unsafe, unstable condition. Improper leveling can cause twist, resulting in cap, windshield or slide-out room issues.

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